Who are our Yoga Teachers?

Knowledge. Experience. Care.

Our Yoga teachers in Amsterdam are highly experienced. They are all dedicated practitioners with vast knowledge and caring personalities. Each one is certified to teach their respective form of Yoga, from Iyengar Yoga to Vinyasa Yoga, YIN, AcroYoga, Aerial, and others. Because life shaped them all differently, you can expect a wide variety of classes at our Amsterdam Yoga Shala.? Therefore our studio is truly shaped by the unique personalities of our teachers.

Asaf IYoga and Pilates Teachers

Asaf Hacmon

Asaf is a senior Level 3 certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. He brings together a stimulating ever changing Yoga practice with a non-dogmatic non-dual philosophy.

Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Cecile Russi

Cecile teaches Yoga with humour and a contagious sense of optimism. She wants to challenge you to investigate your limits and loves to see you integrate Yoga into your everyday life.

Nathalie Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Nathalie Rasing

Nathalie teaches Yoga with a warm and grounded sense of love. She will challenge you to find strength, flexibility and control, while not losing sight of the wholesome approach of Yoga.

Milan Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Milan Suring

Milan finds that already in one yoga pose all the dualities of life can flow together. He teaches with a grounded sense of realism but invites you to investigate the workings of the body-mind in an ever deeper way.

Mrinalini Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Mrinalini Luthra

Mrinalini has practiced yoga for the last eighteen years of her life. For her, its power lies in its ability to rouse a sense of lightness in the mind-body-spirit. For her personal growth, she strives for mindfulness and authenticity.

Olena Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Olena Kyrychenko

For Olena, Yoga is a way of self-study and holistic healing. She loves the never-ending process of deepening that comes from understanding our body, mind and soul and loves to help others on their Yogic path.

sharmayne vinyasa teacher from live yoga amsterdam

Sharmayne Van Orsouw

Sharmayne teaches Vinyasa and Yin/Restorative. She practices a wide variety of styles of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Yin. In 2015 she completed her 300hr Vinyasa teacher training.

Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Marialuisa Lattene

Marialuisa believes focusing on good alignment, core strength and stability are the keys to perform Pilates properly. Because this will reduce the risk of injuries and also result in a more evolved body intelligence.

Marina Pilates LiveYoga

Marina Bilterijst

Marina has a deep understanding of the body and an eye for correct alignment and movement. She is excited to pass on her love and appreciation for Pilates with the goal of make you feel lighter and stronger.

Mariska Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Mariska Assink

Both Pilates and Yoga have a positive impact on Mariska's daily life. She finds that they bring improvement of posture, conscious use of the breath, a flow of energy and a stronger and leaner body and mind.

Tessa LiveYoga Amsterdam

Tessa de Lange

Practicing yoga is for Tessa on small scale the practice of being alive. Breathing and moving consciously on the mat is a playful exploration of your personal instrument. The wisdom the asanas and meditation gave her is something she wants to share in her classes.

Harriet Yoga and Pilates Teachers

Harriet IJssel de Schepper

For Harriet, Yoga embodies the integration of body and mind which makes it easier to deal with challenges life brings us. She intelligently makes you understand the inner workings of the body with precision.

Yoga and Pilates Teachers


Inez has years of experience in Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage and combines all of this in Acro Yoga. The happiness she radiates illuminates all around her.

LiveYoga Teachers Tamara


Tamara is a physiotherapist, in her life she has been passionately practising several sports. She found in Pilates a great integration to her profession and passions, from which on the other hand she draws when designing her classes.

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