Are you a Yoga Beginner in Amsterdam?

How to Start Yoga as a beginner

We know that for beginners starting with yoga can be daunting. Maybe you have this idea that everybody in a yoga class can stand on their heads en touch their toes with ease. Maybe you are a bit afraid to come to a class or simply do not know which class is safe to start with. We are here to help you start at the beginning!

Learn Yoga Safely in our Course

We designed a wonderful yoga course that is made of 4 consecutive weekly classes. Together with a small group of total beginners, you will start right at the beginning. One of our experienced teachers will guide you safely, step by step, through the basics. With lots of personal attention and room for questions and answers, you will not only get to know yoga but also your own body.

Yoga For beginners Amsterdam

Learn Yoga On Your Own level

Relax and learn on your own level. Instead of joining a regular class with a wide range of students and experience levels, you can start in a small group where every student is a beginner in yoga.

Yoga For Beginners Amsterdam

Holistic Approach for every Beginner

Get a holistic idea of what Yoga can do for you. In our introduction to yoga course, you will learn step by step not only the physical side of yoga but also some philosophy, breath work, and history. Each class builds on the previous one so you will learn about all aspects of Yoga.

Yoga For beginners Amsterdam

Personal Attention & Coaching in Amsterdam

True yoga is always personal. It should support you in your life situation, age, gender, physical or health condition. This can only be done by experienced teachers through personal attention. This is why we Included in the course a free intake meeting in which we will help you to find ways to personalize your practice during the course.


Book a Free Personal Intake

Begin Your Yoga Journey Today

If you want some personal Yoga advice from us, we can schedule a free phone call! Just drop us a line in the box and we can plan a 10-minute call in which we help you the best we can.

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    “Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.”