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Acroyoga is a community-based practice that encourages personal transformation. Acroyoga invites you to experience the full spectrum of your being through opportunities to: give and receive; support and be supported; experience strength and sensitivity. It is a systematic approach to health and healing designed to be accessible for every practitioner. The best part is that it is fun to do and fun to watch. Join AcroYoga at LiveYoga studio Amsterdam today!

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AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. The application of bandhas (internal locks) dristi (gaze) ujiay breath (sounded breath) and vinyasa flow (synchronization of movement with breath) to a partner acrobatic practice gave birth to Acro Yoga. Incorporating aesthetics from various dance forms ( B-boying, (break and street dance) ? modern ? jazz ? ballet, improvisation, and mask-work) gave birth to AcroYoga Fusion. Being ?in the moment? and in balance with another person is the essence of AcroYoga.

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Eric and Inez met through Acro Yoga, in a so-called Solar Immersion in Berlin. They have been teaching together since shortly after. This experience of teaching and the practice itself have been of great importance in their lives. Acro Yoga has been a profound teacher on how to relate to another human being, to themselves and to the world around them. It requires a great amount of trust, communication, sensitivity, receptivity and surrender. It is an everyday practice and ever-constant learning process.

Acro Yoga What will you learn?


Next to experiencing a lot of fun and a strong feeling of community, AcroYoga learns us a lot on deeper levels as well. We learn to trust others as well as your own body. You will learn to be in a state of balance while also interact with the outside world. AcroYoga also builds up strength, endurance and stamina. It is really the best of multiple worlds!

Who are our AcroYoga Teachers?

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Yoga and Pilates Teachers


Inez is an acroyoga teacher, actress, dancer and Thai massage therapist. She has been drawn to movement since she can remember and it took her to explore many different forms and styles. Movement is energy moving, unblocking, freeing itself, expressing life through the body. Her movement journey started at the age of 9 in the Ballet Conservatory of Lisbon where she studied for several years. Inez has a Bachelor in physical acting from the Theatre University of Amsterdam, she is a certified teacher in both Acroyoga international ( and Montreal style (, and holds also a certificate in healing Thai yoga massage. She has been working as a freelance traveling extensively in several continents with her artistic work, and has been teaching Acroyoga intensively throughout the past few years in many communities in Europe.

Eric Yoga and Pilates Teachers


Eric was touched by the exploration of movement of the body and the sensation of simple aliveness that arises from it since childhood. He started gymnastics in Geneva - his home city in Switzerland - at the age of 6 and carried on later with yoga, dance, acroyoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Thanks to those experiences and teachings he has been cultivating a way of life and tools that support the health and balance of the body-mind complex as well as means to relate to each other through artistic co-creation, verbal and nonverbal communication, and healing touch.
Eric is a certified teacher and yoga teacher. He has been traveling throughout Europe to share and promote the practices and teachings that are dear to him. He likes to put the emphasis on co-creating a space for safe learning and physical as well as emotional growth.