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Thoughts and News on Corona Virus

Dearest friends, we all hope that you and your loved ones are well and calm.?
In these emotional times of concern and uncertainty, we will do our best to help and keep you posted on important news and measures from our side. Of course, just like anyone else, this situation is new to us. We are learning as we go, and therefore, any help from you as part of our community is much appreciated. Forgive us if we overlooked something in this post. ?
These days our mind is overloaded with incomprehensible information. Our hearts deal with surging emotions and instability. Fear, uncertainty, and worry sometimes get the better of us. We may feel as if there is nowhere to run, like being stuck in a dream we wish to wake up from.?
At this point in time, our practice is more important than ever. Our practice can give us shelter. It reminds us that our body is a temple. One that is always open and where there is always space for us, just as we are. Our practice helps us stabilize our emotions and bring calm to our minds. While this is great in normal times, it is ever so helpful in turbulent times. For this reason, we will do our best to keep serving you in the only way we know for as long as we are allowed to.?
We cannot heal this virus but we can try and cultivate a bit of calm and well being for our nervous system, mind, and heart.?

General things to know

Hygiene Guidelines when Attending Classes

Last words

We find it ever so important during these times to stay humane. To ask ourselves how we can be of help to others around us. Our first instinct is to protect our own. And that is ok of course. But if we can remember to protect each other too, to care, to ask if anyone needs help with something, we will not only overcome this as a community but also with human dignity.?
Help can be physical but it can also mean being available on the phone. Many of us live alone, others are less mobile. Look out for those around you. Give a hand. It will help us all heal the world, but you might find that it will also help you heal yourself. ?
Sooner or later this will pass over. It will be a thing of the past.
Let’s come out of it looking back at ourselves with pride and dignity. Let’s show our children how to handle such a difficult challenge as a community, staying calm and loving. ?

?Immune System Yoga Sequence by BKS Iyengar

In case you wish to practice at home, here is a unique yoga sequence developed by BKS Iyengar in 2012 during the SARS outbreak. ?
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